1st Annual Killarney Halloween Howler

This Halloween, we brought our infamous Halloween Howler to our Killarney location! We had a spooktacular time with your pups; they snacked on spooky treats, gobbled up werewolf potion, enjoyed a made-for-dogs Halloween cake, and had a great time playing with their friends and our team members!

Events like this aren’t just a really fun time for your dog and an excuse for you to share them all over Instagram (not that you need one!); they also teach some very valuable skills to your four-legged best friend. These types of events provide a whole host of new experiences and socialization opportunities for every dog involved.

Socializing your dog provides them with the skills and knowledge to react to new situations without fear or aggression. These skills are important for the health and safety of both you and your dog, and your pup is continuously developing them. Being in a group with other dogs allows your dog to just be a dog and to gain confidence in themselves!

In addition to socialization skills, each dog got to practice their listening and training skills when we did things like ask them to sit before gently accepting a treat or holding still in the photo booth. With each new situation, your dog gets to hone their skills and have an enjoyable learning experience!

We love that our events help develop important skills for your dog – and we also love that they’re a lot of fun! Nothing made us smile as much as seeing all the pups in their costumes, enjoying their snacks, and playing with their friends.

Take a peek at all our fun:

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