Preparing for a Staycation at The Petropolitan

Being your family’s pet care provider of choice is a responsibility we don’t take lightly! Our goal is to ensure your pet’s stay is as comfortable as possible and that you have the ultimate peace of mind while you’re working or travelling. Dropping your pet off for a stay at The Petropolitan should only take a few minutes, but ensuring we have all the information possible allows for the best experience for your pet. 


  • Confirmation of your pick-up date & time. This allows us to have your pet ready for checkout and accommodate same-day arrivals.
  • Where are you going? This helps us make decisions should an emergency arise with your pet where there’s a time change or you’re out of the country.
  • Put a credit card on file and pay a 50% deposit (peak season); you can do this ahead of time in your pet’s online portal.
  • Talk to your friends, family and neighbours. We need an in-town emergency contact to support you or your pet.
  • What can we feed your pet if they run out of their own food? Your dog may burn more calories in our care than at home. They may need a top-up, or your stay may be extended.
  • Can we add broth, fish, pumpkin, or wet food to your dog’s meals if they need to be motivated to eat while in our care? 
  • Confirm your pet’s activity packages.
  • Confirm the details of the Salon & Spa services your pet’s receiving before checking out.
  • Confirm feeding and medication instructions.

We would recommend that you make your reservation through our online customer portal, allowing you to select services and leave notes ahead of time. At check-in, we’ll read through your reservation in your presence to confirm everything is accurate.


A stay at The Petropolitan is like sending your kid to camp; the same rules apply to packing your pooch up for a stay with their friends. Less is more – bring only what’s needed. Clearly label everything with your pet’s first and last name. It sounds funny, but we often have more than one guest with the same first name, and we’d hate to send your Maltese home with a harness big enough for a Great Dane! 

  • Medications: Bring your pet’s medications in the labelled prescription bottle. Be prepared to tell us what the medications are used to treat and what symptoms we need to monitor your pet for. 
  • Food: Please send only enough food for your dog’s stay. Keep it simple, mix in the add-ons ahead of time or consider skipping perishables, like fruits and veggies, that may expire.
    • Short-Term Stays (7 days or less): Send your dog’s food pre-bagged for each meal. For example, a baggie for AM feeding and a baggie for PM feeding.  This also ensures that your dog has enough food for the entire stay. 
    • Long-Term Stays (7 Days +): Food can be sent in a large freezer bag, plastic container, or the original food bag with directions on meal portions.
    • Raw Fed Dogs: We have limited freezer space available. Raw fed dogs staying for more than a week may need to have food delivered throughout a stay due to limitations in freezer space.
  • Toys and Bedding: We seek to make things as easy as possible for you and your pet. Guests in our care receive room service daily with fresh bedding. All of our toys are changed out and sanitized daily. We request that you leave your pet’s favourite things at home to prevent them from being damaged or misplaced during play and cleaning.
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