School Picture Day at The Pet!

We were delighted to host another year of Back-to-School Yearbook Photos at The Petropolitan! In addition to looking adorable, your pups got the chance to show off their ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ skills- and they did so well! 

We pulled out our chalk and hit the books to create a one-of-a-kind photo booth for the 2023 yearbook photos. Each dog took a turn posing and giving us their best looks! Everyone took home a goody bag with a sticker and printed photo to hang on the fridge. After all the images were taken, we started putting together a yearbook so you’ll be able to see all of your pooch’s classmates!

Yearbooks will be available soon and will include a headshot for each dog. We will let you know when you’re able to pick yours up!

Future events and party invites will pop up in your inbox and on our social media so you can be sure your pup gets in on all the fun at The Pet!


Scroll through to see all the studious pups!


Plus, a special thanks to our friends at Little Rock Printing for their support in making these yearbooks happen!

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